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  • Our Philanthropy Platform

    We are committed to building strong and vibrant communities and making a positive difference where we work and live. Given our commitment to financing healthcare facilities, senior living communities, religious, and educational institutions, our firm is directly linked to helping communities prosper. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than in our associate's active involvement in our philanthropy platform - Ziegler's Philanthropy Program (ZaPP) a balanced mix of opportunities for individual and corporate giving, volunteerism, and sponsorship.

    Applying our expertise in financial services and wealth management, we use a matrix approach in our community outreach that maximizes our resources. Utilizing time, talent, and treasure in the three main focus areas of education, health, and financial well-being provide a laser-like focus to our philanthropic efforts.



    Our Mission is to make every dollar given and every volunteer hour spent count in the communities we serve.


    Making a difference in our communities requires action. That is why our firm created the Ziegler Cares program, which provides associates one day off a year to volunteer collectively at firm wide volunteer events or individually with a not-for-profit of the associate's choice. Ziegler is active in our Chicago and Milwaukee communities, providing multiple opportunities to volunteer throughout the year.

    If you are interested in getting Ziegler volunteers to help out in your community, please .

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    Recognizing that our greatest asset is our associates, we aim to leverage their skills, capabilities and talents to maximize impact in our partnership organizations.

    How do we do that? Like any good relationship, it takes time and that is why our partnerships are mid-term focused and structured. Much like pro-bono consulting, our associates take the time to learn about our partner's challenges and expertly develop solutions with their staff. We've been able to leverage our marketing, information technology and not-for-profit management knowledge to make a lasting impact in the vitality of the organizations we serve.

    We also recognize that our associates are already active in their respective communities and we want to find any way to support their efforts. That is why we developed the Ziegler Associate Sponsorship program so that we can allocate corporate dollars to our own associates' philanthropic endeavors.

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    The Ziegler Philanthropy Program (ZaPP) is a combination of time, talent and treasure that provides the resources needed to advance the mission of our selected partners. To be considered a ZaPP partner, an organization must be nominated by a Ziegler associate during open nominations.

    All ZaPP partner nominations must qualify by meeting the criteria below:

    • Must be a not-for-profit organization with a mission developed around one of our chosen sectors: education, health & well-being or financial well-being
    • Must be an existing 501c-3 in good standing
    • Cannot be a current or past client or association
    Though their missions are valuable to our society, the following types or organizations are not eligible for ZaPP support:

    • Religious organizations, except when the activities being sponsored by a religious organization are non-sectarian, such as soup kitchens or shelters
    • Charitable organizations classified as private foundations
    • Service clubs, social clubs, fraternal and labor organizations, political organizations and lobbying groups
    • Business or industry associations
    • Government agencies, with the exception of U.S. public schools
    • Organizations which discriminate with respect to membership and/or provision or service or the use of facilities
    All questions regarding this program may be directed to:

    Ziegler Human Resources
    200 South Wacker Drive |Suite 2000
    Chicago, IL 60606
    Phone:(312) 263-0110

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    Ziegler believes that a quality education unlocks the door to a secure financial future. We recognize the need for continued education and talent management within our own firm and want to encourage it within our community as well.

    Our focus is on:

    • Developing programs and services designed to increase education, college enrollment of underserved elementary or high school youth
    • Improving the quality of educational services within our community
    • Developing key competencies in workplace skills

    Whether it be a community college in West Bend, WI or a struggling elementary school in Chicago, Ziegler is dedicated to making tangible improvements in the lives of our communities greatest asset – the youth.

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    Health & Well-Being

    We’ve made “advancing health, wealth and well-being through creative, tailored financial solutions” our mission. That is why we prioritize partnering with not-for-profit organizations with a health and well-being focus.

    Our focus is on organizations that address:

    • Preventative health issues
    • Provide necessary healthcare programs and services to the underserved
    • Commitment to an improved quality of life for senior citizens

    Leveraging our partnerships in healthcare, we strive to help those who do not have adequate healthcare resources and seek opportunities to improve the health of our communities.

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    Financial Well-Being

    With over 100 years of service, we have the talent and knowledge to provide quality relationship-focused financial advice. Recognizing this strength, we feel uniquely positioned to provide great value for organizations and individuals seeking advice in our sectors.

    Our focus is on:

    • Developing life-skills in individual financial management for the underserved
    • Equipping underserved individuals with the knowledge and skills to manage basic financial needs

    Our talent pool and passion for financial well-being make this a natural fit. We often seek out opportunities to help educate and equip individuals with the tools they need to be successful in finance - and in life.

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