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  • Investing in Variable Annuities

    A variable annuity combines the features of an investment product, which can provide growth potential and inflation protection with an insurance contract, which can give you access to certain income, death benefit and wealth protection guarantees.

    Typically, a variable annuity comes with a menu of professionally managed investment options from which the investor can choose when allocating the annuity investment. The insurance company does not share in profits of investments or protect losses. They carry the same risks as individual stocks, bonds or mutual funds. For example, if the securities invested in within your annuity go up 20%, you keep all of the gains. If the investments decline 20%, you must take the loss. Variable annuities afford flexibility, allowing investors to invest simultaneously across a wide array of securities: bonds, mutual funds, stocks, futures, etc. They are designed for more aggressive investors who desire investment flexibility.


    Should I consider a variable annuity?

    If you are planning for retirement or other long-term goals, a variable annuity offers the earnings potential of the equity markets combined with professional money management, tax deferral, beneficiary protection and guaranteed income payments for life.

    You may want to consider a variable annuity if you:

    • Consider yourself to be a moderate to aggressive investor
    • Are looking for flexibility and control of the investments within your annuity
    • Are looking to provide supplemental income in retirement
    • Are looking for an investment vehicle that provides tax-deferral

    Compare variable annuities to fixed and immediate annuities 

    Through our strategic partners, your Ziegler financial advisor has a host of annuity options available for you. Contact your financial advisor or call our Client Service Center at 888.816.4466 to discuss your goals and find out if a variable annuity is right for you.