An Industry Primer

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted nearly all aspects of the senior living and care ecosystem. Providers are altering operations to keep their communities safe, caregivers and staff are battling increased anxiety, residents are facing higher levels of isolation, and family members are searching for new ways to connect with loved ones. As these challenges mount, many market participants are relying on technology solutions to help combat the far-reaching effects of the virus. With this in mind, it is critical that senior living providers understand the scope of technologies available to their residents and staff.


As such, we have developed this whitepaper to help educate senior living providers and define the array of relevant healthcare technology solutions available in today’s market. Within this document, we will outline a number of key trends driving the growth of technology in the longevity economy and provide a high-level overview and explanation of key technology subsectors that are particularly relevant and/or emerging within the senior living market.

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