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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Charter School Bond Market Update and Arbitrage Rebate 101 Webinar

Recently Ziegler held a webinar for Charter school borrowers covering two topics:

  • Market update: The latest on interest rates from Ziegler’s trading desk. The Fed, Inflation, the national debt and the impact of the upcoming election.
  • Arbitrage Rebate 101: Every five years tax-exempt borrowers must complete a rebate analysis, to determine if any of their trustee held accounts are earning a rate of interest greater than the arbitrage yield on their bonds. Given the rise in short-term interest rates, most Bond Trustee accounts are now paying north of 5.0%. Chris Berens, with Berens-Tate Consulting Group, an organization that specializes in this topic provided a primer on what a rebate report is, and things you need to look out for in the current rate environment.

Recording Date: Thursday, May 23, 2024

Duration: 49 Minutes


Director, Head Underwriter, Ziegler Capital Markets

Managing Director, Head of Ziegler K-12 & Charter School Finance

President, Berens-Tate Consulting Group

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