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The John Hopper Impact Award recognizes an exceptional Entrepreneur or First-time Fund Manager who has introduced an innovative solution, technology, or fund thesis focused on improving the independence, quality, and cost of care for the aging population. John Hopper was a true innovator; between establishing one of the first funds to invest in age-tech solutions and supporting its portfolio company entrepreneurs, John dedicated himself to driving innovation while inspiring growth in people, teams, and relationships. John’s significant influence, impact, and contribution to those with whom he collaborated will never be forgotten.

Through his collaborative approach to supporting entrepreneurs as well as senior living and healthcare providers, John helped countless companies improve the quality and cost of care as well as the independence and overall wellbeing of our aging population. John built enduring relationships with entrepreneurs, colleagues, investors, and employees all striving for excellence with a “Hopper-like” understanding as well as appreciation for the tremendous sacrifice, persistence, and effort it took to achieve the success he expected from each of them.

John was a visionary who positively impacted the development of innovative technology and service models to support healthy aging through his venture investing thesis and entrepreneurial support. With this Award, we remember John and celebrate his legacy by recognizing an Entrepreneur or First-time Fund Manager dedicated to making significant contributions to enhance the aging experience, extend well-span, and/or improve the quality of care provided to the aging population.

Nominations for the 2024 John Hopper Impact Award are now closed – thank you to all who submitted a nomination! The winner will be announced at the What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit on June 12th.



All finalists of the John Hopper Leadership Award will be invited* to the What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit on June 11-12, 2024 in San Francisco, California, where the Recipient of the Award will be announced prior to a celebration honoring John. The What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit is the first, and one of the most significant, gathering of venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives focused on the longevity economy.

* Invitation to conference includes complimentary registration and a travel stipend


The recipient of the award will receive a one-year Advisor partnership with an Award Advisor of the Recipient’s choosing. Biographies for each of the members in the Advisor Pool found here. The 2024 Advisor Pool includes a robust list of highly experienced individuals including senior living provider leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and venture specialists. Advisory relationship subject to terms outlined in the Advisory Agreement.


The winner of the Award will receive an invitation to the Ziegler Link•age Symposium in Chicago in July 2024. The Ziegler Link•age Symposium is an investor-exclusive and invitation-only event that brings together over 100 industry leaders and innovators to discuss the future of technology and its potential to revolutionize the aging and post-acute fields. The Recipient will have an opportunity for a brief speaking engagement at the Symposium.


Anyone may submit a nomination for the John Hopper Impact Award with the candidate's permission. Self-nominations are accepted. It is the responsibility of the nominator to summarize the nominee's achievements in sufficient detail to document why this individual should be considered, above all others, for this distinguished award.
Nominations must contain sufficient information to inform the selection process without additional research. Please complete the Nomination Form in full for Nominee to be considered for the Award. 
The Recognition Committee reviews nominations for the leadership award against the following required criteria:
  1. Commitment to improving the independence, quality and cost of care, and overall lives of the aging population.
  2. Innovative Solution or Thesis: Winners will have a unique and innovative solution or fund thesis that will seek to improve the lives of older adults.
  3. Measurable Impact: Winners will be able to measure the impact they are driving.
  4. Financial Viability and Sustainability: Winners will be financially viable with a plan to scale to drive broader future impact. 


The John Hopper Impact Award is intended to be a rare recognition. No individual awards (vs. team awards) will be given more than once to the same individual.

  • Candidates must be contributing members of the aging and healthcare industry, and individuals who have made significant and demonstrable contributions to the field.
  • Candidates may not currently be a member of the Ziegler Link•age team, affiliated with Ziegler Link•age Fund portfolio companies, the League of Advisors, or the Recognition Committee.
  • Other Eligibility Criteria:
Entrepreneur First Time Fund Manager
  • At least two signed customers
  • Ideally with at least $100,000 in ARR with high growth projections
  • Must have dry powder to invest
  • Must be a first-time fund manager



John Hopper was someone who always strived for greatness, who achieved nearly all of his life goals, and who lived life with purpose. Born in a tiny town in Ohio as the youngest of four, he learned the value of an All-American work ethic from his parents and from the western Pennsylvania steel mills that set him to work as a teenager. He would never brag about his “humble beginnings,” but he carried a quiet yet palpable pride about the way his life turned out. He was naturally bright and driven, putting himself through college, then an MBA, then a JD, and subsequently achieving success in corporate, legal, business, and entrepreneurial settings. He was someone who used his natural intellect to great effect: when he wanted something, he put one foot in front of the other and walked purposefully towards it. This focus and determination helped John Hopper achieve success in all of his endeavors from stock broker, to legal counsel, and from tech CEO, to investment banker, and venture capitalist.

John Hopper was a founding member and the Chief Investment Officer of the Ziegler Link-age Funds where he leveraged his tenacity and creativity to help craft an investment policy designed to support innovation, collaboration, and growth among entrepreneurs, and senior living and healthcare providers.  As one the first fund focused on raising venture capital from senior living and care providers to invest in companies innovating in the space, John Hopper’s vision, network and ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible way, was instrumental in its success.

John Hopper’s attitude of intentionality and purpose served him well in life, and allowed him to raise a family, enjoy his passions, and build and live the exact life he wanted. He loved learning new things and was constantly looking ahead to the next big opportunity — his dreams were limitless.