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With more than 100 years of experience, Ziegler is a recognized leader in the educational sector throughout the U.S. We continue that tradition with our dedicated services to the K-12 and charter school market nationally. Ziegler provides creative, tailored financial solutions that are just right for your organization.

Ziegler can guide you through the maze of financing options including public bond offerings and direct and private placements utilizing proprietary bank relationships.

Tax-Exempt Bond Financing.
Ziegler’s goal is to provide you with the lowest cost of capital to meet your financing needs. We regularly underwrite approximately $3 billion per year in tax-exempt financing for our not-for-profit clients including schools, retirement communities and hospitals.

Taxable Bond Financing.
Certain projects and for-profit school operators require access to the taxable bond market. Ziegler has substantial expertise with taxable bonds and can guide you in this area.

Bank Loans & Private Placements.
Ziegler maintains relationships with a multitude of private investors and commercial banks that lend frequently to private K-12 and charter schools. These financing options can be utilized when a public bond offering is not accessible or may not be preferable to certain borrowers.

Rated vs Nonrated Bonds.
Ziegler provides access to market data, analysis and historical information to help your organization make informed decisions. Ziegler’s expertise in school finance can assist your organization in many areas, including whether or not your school should pursue a credit rating with one of the industry rating agencies.

Alternate Structures.
Ziegler is well versed in fixed rate, floating rate, letter of credit, convertible and other bond structures. We also have full knowledge of relevant derivatives products, including swaps that might make sense for your organization.


Ziegler can assist your school in determining a potential range of debt financing that you might qualify for. This information can be invaluable for your school’s leadership as you contemplate facility needs, and whether to lease or purchase.

To get started, fill out our Initial Loan Application below. We’ll use that information to prepare a personalized analysis of your school’s credit and what level of financing you might be able to qualify for.

School Initial Loan Worksheet


Is your K-12 School or College/University located in a rural area? Then it may qualify for low-cost financing via the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Community Facilities Program.

This program can provide facilities financing with fixed rates and amortization periods for up to 40-years at current rates below 3.75%.*

How may Direct Loan funds be used?

  • Direct Loan funds can be used to construct, expand or improve facilities, purchase equipment and pay related project expenses for projects that educate, promote public safety, and provide public services.
  • Examples of essential community facilities include:
    • Health care facilities such as hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes or assisted living facilities
    • Public facilities such as town halls, courthouses, and street improvements
    • Community support services such as child care centers, community centers and transitional housing
    • Utility services
    • Local food systems such as community gardens, food pantries and food banks
    • Public safety services
    • Educational services such as:
      • Charter Schools
      • Museums and libraries
      • Classroom buildings
      • Student housing
      • Campus renovations
      • Deferred maintenance projects
      • Refinancing of existing debt
      • Colleges and universities
    • Funds can also be used to pay related project expenses (to include interest on construction loans, legal, engineering, architectural, financial advisory, recording, environmental impact analyses, surveys, etc.).

How can I find out if my School qualifies for this program?

The program has a fairly detailed application process and limited funding capacity in certain areas of the United States. Ziegler has successfully helped educational entities obtain USDA financing and we’d love the opportunity to answer questions for your organization. Contact Ziegler at 800-558-1776 and ask for either Scott Rolfs (K-12 Schools) or Brian Riordan (Colleges and Universities) to learn more.


*As of January 1, 2023. For purposes of the program, the city or town your organization is located in must have a population of less than 20,000 and also meet certain community needs criteria.  


No matter what your need, Ziegler can call upon the expertise of associates with knowledge in a variety of areas: